hometop2If You have insects or rodents within 20 feet of your home, you have a pest problem.
It is a pest problem if you do not have a pest control technician with a customized plan.
Pest control is not always about eradication, it is about management.
A problem exists even if there is not an infestation. Pests are an element just like the weather, they are always around and much more aggressive. 
These creatures are very beneficial in our environment but not in our homes.
Rats, Mice, Ants and many more will eventually cause a lot of damage.
But you need not worry.
This is why our "EcoGetem Pest Prevention" plan exists. We can prevent the damage and remove health risks associated with pests by placing your home on a quarterly treatment schedule usually for $1-3 a day depending on size of home and type of pest.


As a homeowner you have BIG responsibilities. Let us shoulder the Pest Management Responsibility. ArmaGetem is fully Insured and licensed with expertise that will get the job done. Stop the problem before the damage.

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