Bed Bugs

bedbug1_452ArmaGetem’s Solution?
TREATMENT: Our trained and licensed technician will inspect with great detail, then treat the infested room with multiple products depending on the nature of the situation Including but not limited too, wall injections, spraying of baseboards, treatment of bed boards, box spring, mattress, and furniture. If the arrangements of our agreement specify the supply of encasement’s, we will install these after the treatment. In many cases each surrounding room is required to be treated even if there are no visible signs. This is due to bedbugs ability to travel through walls. All bedding and curtains must be placed in plastic bags  by you or your staff washed and dried on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes per load to kill any adult bedbugs or bedbug eggs that might be in them. You must be cautious not to mix dirty bedding with clean by direct or indirect surface contact. Generally treatment requires multiple visits to effectively eliminate due to the fact that no products on the market exist that will kill bedbug eggs. We will provide more information at time of service.

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