Insects and Spiders

There are many different spider species
but the most common harmful spiders in Washington are
The Black Widow and the Hobo Spider.

ablackwidowBlack Widow Spider is black, with a red hourglass marking on it’s lower abdomen. The bite is very toxic and painful. It can cause severe illness or even death if left untreated. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately. The image to the left with red hourglass is of a female, the one below her is the male and has white spot markings that do not necessarily resemble the females hourglass figure. The female is most toxic.


ahobospider Hobo /House Spider Is Brown and the adults measure around 2/3 to 2 inches in size including leg span. Females tend to have a larger and more round abdomen when compared to males. House spiders are very common in the pacific northwest and commonly are found in basements, or ground level. They tend to make a cone shaped web. Hobos can be very aggressive and harmful to people specifically in those that are more sensitive in allergies. Bite effects can be similar to brown recluse flesh eating. But to reiterate, bite cases of such are less common.


awolfspiderWolf Spider is mainly just ugly. It is non aggressive and wont bite unless trapped. The bite can swell but usually does not cause any significant reaction. We have many other species of spiders that are more of an annoying pest and a nuisance but virtually all spiders can be harmful to those with sensitive allergies.



There are many different species of Ants. All of them have different behaviors and habits. The control method varies drastically from ant species to ant species.

aantCarpenter Ants are both red and black and are mixed red and black. They make their home in hollow wood stumps, posts or your home, If present they can be a real problem and must be baited/treated by a professional to prevent destruction of your home.


apavementant_702Pavement Ants are Found on concrete and in driveway spaces.  They are commonly found in the cracks and sides of patios. *Annoying.


aodoroushouseantOdorous House Ants often try to make your kitchen their home. You will find them in trails coming out of light sockets, vents, appliances.*Very tiny and Very Annoying


Exif_JPEG_422Yellow Jacket Nest.  Do not wait until it gets this big. This image does not show it very well but this nest was approximately 15 inches wide and 20 inches deep. This is dangerous to have around. Wasps can sting multiple times and remain living. They can also bite.


Exif_JPEG_422Yellow Jackets are one of the few truly dangerous pests in the area. They are poisonous, can be very aggressive and they make their nests with what seems like paper. Nests can grow as big as watermelons and can hold over 2000 wasps.



abaldfacedhornet_739_530Bald-faced hornets These nest in eaves and trees and are usually found hanging. These have less workers than yellow jackets but can still be very dangerous. You must use extreme caution when ridding wasps.


apaperwas_508Paper Wasp  will make small nests out of mud in enclosed spaces. Sometimes on/in the ground and sometimes in the attic or sheds.


agermanroach_829German Cockroach Though these are more commonly found elsewhere in hot dry places, we still manage to run into cockroaches and fairly frequently. They typically enter the homes or businesses in shipments or boxes of food.

aearwig_594Earwigs are really just a nuisance pest. They hide in cracks and crevices, under rocks and boards. Many don’t like them just because of their name. They got their name as they were believed to enter peoples ears as they were asleep.


acarpetbeatle_425Carpet Beetles Feed on animal and plant substances such as wool, fur, silk, velvet, as well as seeds, cat food, dog food, flour, and leather.


aindianmoth_145Indian Meal Moths Can live nearly a year and are often found in pantries and garage areas.


asilverfishSilverfish commonly feed on items that contain starches and dextrin. Examples include anything with adhesives. Glue, paper, shelves, sealant, sugar , coffee, hair ,carpet clothing etc.


a asnailSlugs/Snails eat our plants and can ruin our vegetables gardens. They also climb the siding of our homes and businesses leaving slime trails as well as small feces which is just unappealing.


We service for many pests that are not listed here. All of these pests can be eliminated by a customized control plan put in place by our technician.  If you are seeing these pests close to your home or inside, this is indicative of a pest problem. The longer it goes on the more expensive it will be to control.

Many try to control pests on their own. The reality is, unless you have access to our professional products as well as our training  and experience than you will most likely be compounding the problem. It may appear that you are taking care of the problem but in reality, you are making matters a whole lot worse. Every pest has different behavior and must be treated according to its life cycles and habits. Call ArmaGetem today and you can be sure that your home will be Pest Free!


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